New Machine Introduced to Safety Glass Supplier – Blue-sky Glass

In order to cover the increasing demands of various type of glasses with different applications. Blue-sky Safety Glass has involoved and installed new machines recently, as being a leading safety glass supplier, pursuit customer satisfaction is our most priority.

If you were looking for a reliable manufacturer for your glass products/projects, you are in the right place. Now let me introduce our newly sourced machines:

Autoclave for laminated glass

Glass-laminating autoclaves are used to bond and cure laminated “safety glass”. We have another bigger autoclave for laminating. This new one will speed up the safety glass production time.

laminating glass

The price of laminated glass

People always ask the price of laminated glass, our answer is “it depends”,its regular prices range from $10 to $100 according to the thickness, sizes, colors and brands of the glass PVB material.

If you have specific requirement, you can ask us by this link.

Ceramic roller coating machine

We already have another one too. The purpose of adding one more coating machine is for better quality control and short time delivery. This machine allows large amount of color printing, and it helps fine control the paint thickness within a set range.

roller coating glass

The color customization, as an important customize option, a professional safety glass supplier can customize colors for your special needs.

Single line polishing machine

It is a kind of precise and efficient glass linear edge grinding equipment. With this new polishing machine, you can ask for and order many sizes as your special requirement. It is an ideal choice for architectual glass, glass doors and windows for your building project.

glass edge polishing

Safety Glass Supplier for 20yrs

Blue-sky Safety Glass always tries its best to provide good quality products and excellent service from the establiment in 2000.

We are one of the leading glass processors, laminators and painters in the Mainland of China. For all you need in glass we can supply. With pursuit of best price with best quality, Blue-Sky safety glass products have been spread over every corner of the world with a list of loyal customers.

2019 Exhibition for Glass Material-Building and Involvement

Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass is China’s leading glass company. Their excellent service to their customers for over fifteen years is exceptional and undeniable. The company specializes in producing top-notch, fast and reliable glass-related products and services without hassle and plights.

Through exhibitions, the platform becomes wider in introducing their products to a higher platform of demography and reach. Additionally, this can mediate the company in its superior operations to different areas and needs. Public appeal can induce the hiking triumph of the company which is why exhibitions are advantageous.

Today, glass is in the limelight of market and personal needs. It offers a wide array of usage and necessity. This brings a path to exhibitions that best fits the products by Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass. Since the company is producing high-quality products with various categories, the following are the prospect exhibitions the company is trying to get in touch with:


Design Build, Australia, from May 14 to May 16, 2019


The company began exporting to Australia in the year 2007. Situated on the country’s response, the main products in demand are 12 mm glass for railing and fence, 6mm glass made for splashbacks, 6mm to 10mm shower glass and whole shower door and shower screen sets. Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass can produce 20,000 SQM per day with the guarantee of consistent quality in all packages. The company can generate more possibilities and the customers can receive glass products in prestige.


Expo Cihac, Mexico, from Oct 15 to Oct 19, 2019

Mexico is not the company’s best forte in the marketplace. However, this exhibition can uncover the company’s exceptional services. Exhibitions like this can open the gates of both South and North America for the company. With this being said, South America is a great outlet for possibilities and exploration for Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass. the company is highly responsive with ERP-centered services regardless of its geography.

The Big 5, Dubai, from Nov 25 to Nov 28, 2019

The Middle East, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia are blossoming areas of market transactions in the company. Most of the orders are made here and is a highly opportunistic area. The company’s dire advantage is its ability to provide high-performance glass products like multi-layered laminated glass, combined insulated glass and digital printed glass. Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass offers multi-faceted glass products – This is why exhibits can be a big leap for both the company’s services and the customer’s needs.

The Buildings Show, Canada, from Dec 4 to Dec 6, 2019

Canada is a country with bright possibilities. Most orders made in this country demonstrate the need for high-quality glass products done with less complexity in structure and nature. Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass flaunts its hybrid multi-glass option for their customers.

IBS 2020, USA

America is an area of business expansion and development. This country is actually the company’s main market for glass and shower doors. Exhibitions can defy its limits and excel in higher grounds. Nevertheless, the situation maintains as a mutual benefit since the customers are also granted safe and sterling products.

Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass prioritizes robust and superior outputs to its customers which is why exhibitions are both important and urgent in promoting the steadfast development of the company and its services.

If interested, please notify Hangzhou BlueSky Safety Glass for a thriving exchange. We are hoping to hear from you!

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