Blue-Sky Safety Glass Glasstec trade show

On four days of the fair, from 23 to 26 October, more than 42,000 visitors from over 120 countries came to Düsseldorf to join this great annual industry event, 1,280 exhibitors from 50 countries showed their product highlights in the nine halls.

We are honored to be one of the 1280 exhibitors to share our featured glass products with professionals and customers.

What it means for us to attend the trade show

It is the largest international glass exhibition in the world with a long history which was first held in 1970, it has attracted many industry manufacturerss of glass manufacturing and machinery, glass products, glass tools, glass art, glass hardware and other glass industries all over the world. it not only indicates the development trend of glass technology, but also provides an ideal face-to-face opportunity for people to cooperate.

With more than 18yrs development, the quality of glass products from Blue-sky glass has been greatly improved, at the same time, we always keep the price relatively cheap to pursue maximum customer satisfaction. Attending this trade show means the confidence in our products, expertise, and technology.

What the products are on the show

Glass and glass products applications: architectural and decorative glass, curtain wall glass, coated glass (low-radiation glass, heat-reflecting glass), photovoltaic glass, safety glass, anti-theft glass, bulletproof glass, etc.; energy-saving glass doors and windows and accessories; industrial glass; special glass; art glass; daily glass products.

Feedback from Glasstec Clients

Most of the customers of this exhibition come from Germany, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America and different countries in Africa, covering different industries such as curtain walls, buildings, doors and windows, guardrails, furniture, etc. These industries use a variety of glass. Our exhibits have been unanimously recognized by the organizing committee and buyers. Blue Sky Glass is committed to meeting a wide range of customers from different countries, including traders, manufacturers, wholesalers, and construction contractors.

Blue-sky glass follows the trend of the world, providing you with more professional design and service, strengthening products while paying more attention to the cultivation of human culture. We look forward to cooperating with you.