You should consider 5 points when choosing your next skylight roof

With so many options on the market, we think it’s important our customers have access to clear and simple information. In this blog article, we highlight 5 main considerations you should be making when choosing your next skylight roof.

1. Aesthetic appeal

When you’re spending so much on a brand new lovely extension, the last thing you want is a chunky skylight roof with thick rafters blocking all the light out. This is first step when you choose a skylight.

2. Thermal performance(low U value)

Ever-growing demands from building regulations combined with the burgeoning need for “green” products, more and more customers prefer skylight in low U value. Our rooflight products are competitive as Triple glazed U value 0.8 even Quad glazed less than 0.6.

3. Strength

Many areas are subjected to strong winds and heavy loads of snow. Some areas worse than others. It’s crucial that you consider the rigidity of the skylight roof you choose for your home to ensure it lasts as long as the house. We prefer our glass rooflight in high quality, which materials from famous glass sheet brand such as Pilkington.

4. Lead time

When an extension or new build gets underway, things can move quite quickly and all of a sudden, you’re late on ordering things. We’ve helped countless customers who, with everything going on, have left things too last minute and need their skylight roof quick. With our stock size lanterns, we can get them delivered to you in around 2 weeks and standard roofs in around 4 weeks. Not many suppliers boast these lead times, particularly if you go for a timber lantern roof.

This helps to ensure your build runs as smoothly as possible.

5. After sales support

One thing you need to be sure of is that if you have any queries at all before you order, when ordering or after you have ordered, is that you can pick up the phone and get advice. You can call us anytime on +86-571-82875607 or email us at for more information.