Customize the Edges

Pencil Edge: We also called C-edge. This type of edgework results in an edge that is slightly rounded. Pencil Grind edgework has a frosty, matte, or satin finish. Pencil Polish edgework provides a glossy, shiny finish; perfect for a style when you are wanting to create an extra pop!


Flat Edge: We also called D-edge. This type of edgework results in an edge that is Flat with small chamfers on the corners. Flat Grind edgework has a matte, frosty or satin finish. Flat Polish edgework provides a shiny or glossy finish.


Bevel Edge: This type of edgework adds a sense of depth on the glass. This is often used for an ornate application. Bevel Edges have a shiny or glossy finish.


See the edges in practical application

Customize the Shapes

Need a customized shape of glass for your project? With years of experienced working our skilled workers can make nearly any specific pattern or shape you need. Just share the dimensions and specifications of your desired cut - if square, include the side length – Request a proposal and leave us a message. The best way to have a customized designed glass shape would be to provide an electronic rending, or CAD format.

See the shapes for glass table tops


Customize the Colors

Regular Colors for tinted glass:
tinted glass different color as customized

Regular Colors for painted glass:
glass colors as your requestPainted glass is used in building exterial wall, interial decoration, houehold appliances, furniture, etc. Nearly all the color from color alta can be printed in our factory. Two colors printing and complex pattern are not difficult task for us too.
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