Applications of Laminated Glass

White laminated glass is wildly used for windows and doors; also known as laminated safety glass as it protects the property from hurricanes and burglary. Laminated glass windows are used in residential and commercial applications alike.Skylights and canopies not only add light to a structure, but increase the aesthetics of a building. White laminated glass is the first choice as safety glass price is within reach and is sturdy.

Glass stairs, balustrades made up of laminated safety glass last longer and are not prone to breakage. BlueSky Glass’s Safety glass price is another factor that clients choose BlueSky Glass.

Laminated Glass Price

As the common asked question - price of laminated glass, our answer is “it depends”,  its regular prices range from $10 to $100 according to the glass thickness, sizes, colors and brands of the glass PVB material.

If you have specific requirement, you can ask us by this link.


  • Max Size: 2400*6000mm
  • Single glass thick: 3-12mm PVB: 0.38mm and multiple of 0.38 mm (Vanceva/DuPont)
  • The normal type:3+0.38+3; 4+0.76+4; 5+1.14+5; 8+1.52+8, etc.
  • We can do it according to your requirement.

Quality standard

  • In accordance with CE, AS/NZS certificate.
  • In accordance with GB9962-1999 Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC), Australian Certificate AS/NZS2208

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