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Sunshade Product Louver insulating glass

Hollow louver is a traditional sunshade product, which is generally opened or closed by manual rope or mechanical methods.

By using advanced technology, the blinds are installed in the hollow glass, and the blinds in the hollow glass are controlled by magnetic force, which can be easily lifted or turned 180 degrees.

The product not only saves room space, but also achieves the purpose of shading, and has the functions of heat preservation and anti-noise, while giving the building and interior a novel vision. Whether in summer or winter, the angle of the blinds can be adjusted to achieve shading or lighting and heating, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Louver insulating glass

when the shutters are closed, we can save as high as 40% energy consumption. Due to the double-layer tempered glass structure, the wind resistance and external impact resistance are high, and it is more suitable for high-rise and coastal buildings. The product can also replace traditional partition walls and so on.

Louver insulating glass is a new product in which louvers are installed in the hollow glass cavity. The louvers in the hollow glass can be adjusted to your needs to make them all transparent, semi-transparent, or shading. You can also pull the lovers up to make it as all light-transmitting windows. It especially highlights the unique thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-dust pollution, safety, and other advantages of insulating glass. It is an ideal product to solve the shading performance of building windows.

insulating glass

The product features a reasonable space for use: no special blinds installation space is required.

Strong sound insulation effect: The wide hollow isolation layer ensures the creation of a quiet space, and strengthens the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and windproof.

Good hygienic environment: block dust and pollutants to create a pleasant living environment.

Economical and practical: There is no need to worry about wear and tear, and it can be used cleanly and cleanly for a long time.