About Blue Sky Glass

Hangzhou BlueSky Glass is one of the leading glass manufacturers, processors, laminators, and painters in the Mainland of China. BlueSky Glass manufacturers have everything to satisfy your residential and commercial glass needs. We are pioneers of providing top glass curtain wall, glass roof, glass doors, glass fence, glass railing, partition glass, table tops, cabinet glass, shower enclosure, and glass balustrade. BlueSky Glass Manufacturers Company provide assistant to its clients in choosing the products as per their needs.

BlueSky Glass manufacturers offer world-class glass products, including frosted glass, painted glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, digital printed glass, and custom cut glass. We provide complicated patterns and designs in a timely manner.

Hangzhou BlueSky Glass can produce 20,000 SQM per day; your order will be well managed with the help of our sophisticated ERP system, together with the advanced equipment to provide with every piece of qualified glass.

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Multi-glass choice

BlueSky Glass –leading glass manufacturers in China will spoil you with options. You will be provided with options like clear, tinted, patterned, printing, low-E, laminated, insulated glass, and so much more to choose from.

tinted glassMulti-color printing

You name the color, and we will have it printed! Printing various colors and patterns is not at all a difficult task for BlueSky Glass manufacturers in China.

workshop showSafety first 

BlueSky Glass manufacturers in China always put the safety first of our clients. We follow the best practices, which put our customers in a safe position. BlueSky Glass manufacturers in China value its clients and employees alike.

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Prompt delivery time

We value your time! BlueSky Glass manufacturers have orders controlled by ERP, together with advanced equipment to provide every client with top-quality glass in a prompt time.

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