Processing and Equipment

BlueSky Glass is located in Hangzhou, China. BlueSky Glass is in the glass business for the last 18 years. We are known for our top quality glass products and great client-customer relationship. Our advanced CNC machinery ensures that we deliver quality at competitive market price.

CNC cutting machine

CNC Cutting Machinery

Digitally controlled glass making machines are deployed in our factory; we use Bavelloni and Bottero brands, which can cut the glass ranging from 3mm to 19mm in thickness.

BlueSky Glass making machines are one of the best available in the market. Our CNC cutting machinery guarantees any shape of your choice. Complex shapes received by templates or drawings can be electronically digitized and cut on one of our CNC machines.

CNC cutting machine

Water Jetting

Process glass in size 1500*2150mm, holes, cutout with drawing are all available.m thick glass.

Powerful and Precise

Water jetting machines are used at BlueSky Glass to cut the glass precisely. Our glass making machines offer unmatched precision. Abrasive water jet cutting technology is great for cutting glass. Water jetting allows achievement for contours and shapes that cannot be cut with other machines at a reasonable cost.

CNC cutting machine

Robert Grinding and Chamfering

Straight line, double lines grinding machine, irregular shape grinding machine

Accurate grinding and chamfering work

Our glass making machinesdo the grinding and chamfering work accurately. The glass making equipment can process different kinds of straight edge and do coarse grinding, refine edging, polishing, and angle making can be completed in a procession.

CNC cutting machine

CNC grinding for Irregular Shape

Irregular shape grinding machine

The glass making equipment that we use for irregular shape grinding is the irregular shape grinding machine. It can polish the round, oval, and irregular outer circle of the flat glass. Our best in class glass making equipment enables you to get the best of the best.

CNC cutting machine

digital Printed Printing

Choose any pattern and color

BlueSky Glass chooses high-temperature paint to avoid color flaking and fading. Precise printing brings images and pattern to reality, can be printed on both sides. Combine translucent and opaque with different color and shading rate.

CNC cutting machine

Double Chamber Tempering

Tempered glass with much higher quality

BlueSky Glass making equipment greatly increases the output and improves the flatness, optical quality, and stress distribution of tempered glass.

CNC cutting machine

Silk screen printing

Printing before tempering, for glass size within 2000*2500mm9mm thick glass.

Any pattern, design, and color can be reproduced onto a screen low-temperature poly screen inks. Architectural screen printing consists of holes, dots, stripes, and many other custom designs.

CNC cutting machine

Roller coating

Coating in quick speed, for glass size within 1200*2500mm

With our glass making equipment coating is done in quick time without any interruptions. The mechanical screen printing machine has high speed and precision.

CNC cutting machine

Tempering glass

Glaston branded, for glass size within 3660*2800mm

Currently, we have 5 of the latest tempering furnaces, capable of toughening all types of glass in thickness from under 3mm up to 25mm, ranging from normal float to colored glass. Production capacity is up to 20,000 SQM/day.

CNC cutting machine

Insulating glass

Automatic insulating glass machine, Hanjin branded, for glass whithin size 4000*2500mm

We have 2 Insulating Glass Production Lines, which consists of an input unit, glass washing and drying unit, cleanness inspecting unit, aluminum spacer assembly unit, panel pressing unit, tilting table.

CNC cutting machine

Laminating glass

PVB laminated, from two layers to 5 layers glass laminated, for glass size within 3800*2400mm

An autoclave is always incorporated to laminating line with pre-assembly, pre-heating or pre-vacuum process. Melting of interlayer films and final bonding of laminated glass are accomplished in the autoclave.


CNC cutting machine

Cleaning and inspection

Clean glass before tempering or other processing

Our glass making equipment cleans glass before tempering or other processing. All our glasses are cleaned through our range of automatic machines, visually checked and interleaved before delivery.

CNC cutting machine


Professional packing for exporting

We supply with strong wooden cases worthy for shipment and inland transportation, and multiple methods to meet different demands.

CNC cutting machine

Heat soaking

BlueSky Glass supplies top quality tempered glass with customer's request

Heat Soaking is a process in which a pane of tempered glass is subjected to temperatures up to 280° C for several hours over a specific temperature gradient to induce fracture. This test ensures that if there is a probability of breakage, then the breakage will occur, and that particular glass is not sent to clients. The process ensures that the client gets a good quality tempered glass.