Industrial Curtain Wall

Office/Industrial Building Project Solution:graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects
Color: Silver, bule, black, white, wooden grain, pink etc

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Frameless Curtain Wall

Glass:Tempered glass or laminated tempered glass
Special:No aluminum frame between glasses
Applicatin: Balcony, Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building

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Double Glazed Curtain Wall

Frame colors:Customized
Profile Surface treatment:Powder coated; PVDF;Electrophoresis; flucarbon; Anodizing; wood grain
Glass type:
Tempered. Laminated. Double Glazed.
Glazing colors:Clear/tinted/frosted glass

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What is a Curtain Wall?

Curtain walls are one of the most prominent features in modern buildings. Curtain wall systems protect the building from harsh weather. They add an added layer of protection to the structure as they are made up of durable glass. Chinese curtain wall provides excellent insulation against outdoor temperatures. Curtain walls are designed to attach to brackets, and not to the structure; a curtain wall doesn’t add any extra weight to the building. The wall transfers wind load to the structure, which is also called as the Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS), at the connection points in the columns or floors of the building. Glass curtain wall manufacturers design the curtain walls in such a way that they deflect rain and wind away from the exterior of the building; thus they reduce the risk of damage to the building by protecting it from geological events. Curtain walls may span multiple floors, or they may span from floor to floor. BlueSky Glass Chinese curtain wall offers the best quality to its clients around the world.

Curtain wall manufacturer places the panels at the exterior of the building through chemical bonding, mechanical bonding, or adhesive.

tempered glass curtain wall

Curtain wall manufacturer designs the glass curtain wall in such a way that they resist air and water infiltration. They can also withstand the challenges created by seismic forces. Not only that, they create a beautiful façade, which enhances the appearance of the building.

Benefits Of Glass Curtain Wall

Keeps Out Air And Water

Like glass roof, curtain walls help in keeping air and water out of the building. They act as both an insulator and a buffer. Curtain wall manufacturer asserts that buildings with curtain walls last longer because of the additional protective shield build in them. Eliminate expensive construction cost.

Glass curtain walls lower the overall construction cost of the building. A significant amount of money is saved by using curtain walls on a building.

Adds Structural Stability

Curtain wall manufacture provides security and reduces the sway of the building. Glass curtain wall manufacturers help in securing the wind against natural forces. The curtain wall disperses kinetic force throughout the entire frame, thereby reducing the stress on the building. The feature is especially useful in taller buildings.

Slows The Spread Of Fire

Glass curtain wall manufacturers develop top-notch quality products that are additionally able to slow down the fire between the floors. They act as barriers to prevent the fire from quickly transferring through the building. The feature is hugely beneficial in taller buildings, where the fire spreads upwards rather quickly.

Maximizes Daylight For The Occupants

Curtain wall manufacture enables the occupants of the building to maximize daylight. They can enjoy daylight through the big Chinese curtain wall.

Curtain Wall

Thermal Efficiency

Curtain walls improve the thermal efficiency of a building. As they act as another layer of material across the building, they stabilize the temperature and helps in cutting the operational cost of the building. Glazing reduces the UV light, which protects the material in the building from fading and degrading quickly.

Looks Attractive

Glass curtain walls offer many practical advantages and look marvelous. It gives a sophisticated and clean appearance to the building.

We are leading glass curtain wall manufacturers who offer a range of aesthetic to meet your project needs. Curtain wall manufacture requires strict quality measures, which BlueSky Glass is meeting for the last 18 years.

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