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BlueSky Glass - commercial glass doors are designed to make a statement. We provide industry-leading custom commercial glass door solutions. Commercially, Glass doors are used in office spaces, malls, and shops; they use glass solutions to increase the aesthetic value. Glass roof and Commercial glass entry doors give a feel of more space. The most flexible version for glass solutions is toughened glass as it is strong and offer transparency. Tempered glass is resistant to high temperature and has good thermal stability. BlueSky Glass offers transparent, grey, dark grey, and black tempered glass.

The acid-etched glass allows 80% of the light to pass through it and is the easiest to maintain. On the other hand, Frosted glass blurs the images while still transmitting the light. You can choose the type of glass as per your requirement.

 BlueSky Glass offers you the option of custom designing the shape and thickness of commercial glass doors. At BlueSky Glass, we offer color printing as well to give a beautiful look to the glass of your choice.

Benefits of commercial glass doors


Commercial glass doors are tempered. Tempered glass has high strength. It is 5 times stronger than the ordinary glass. When it breaks, it scatters into more than 40 pieces, without sharp edges. Tempered glass offers good heat stability; it can withstand high temperatures.

Allow Natural Light into the Building

Commercial glass entry doors allow natural light into the building. They increase natural illumination. By replacing the solid doors with commercial glass doors, you can turn them into “sunrooms.”

glass for doors with big size

office glass doors

Energy Efficient

Commercial glass entry doors help you in lowering your electricity bill. They are energy-efficient and keep the place hot or cold for a longer amount of time than ordinary doors.


Commercial glass entry doors give a fresh look to your office and shop. They give an inviting face to your structure.

Save Space

Commercial glass doors don’t take a lot of space. They aren’t bulky like wooden doors. They are a sleek addition to your office, warehouse, industrial building, and shop front.

Resistant to rust and rodents

Other materials which are used for making doors are prone to rust and rodents, but not glass doors! Commercial glass doors don’t become infested with termites and hence last longer.

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