Glass Roof 

BlueSky Glass Safety glass is a professional glass roof supplier, operating world-wide. We provide low-E or low-emissivity glass, which minimizes the amount of UV and infrared light that comes through the glass, without reducing the quantity of light that enters the building. Glass roof skylight makes a place interesting and attractive. We provide high-quality triple-glazed glass with U value 0.8 and less than 0.6, Lower the value, better it is for the structure.

A glass roof is an affordable and accessible alternative to conventional designs. It can take several different and exciting forms. Like the curtain wall, Glass roof is perfect for defining an area; they not only add an abundance of light but give the illusion of more space. With the increased usage of the glass roof, you can easily find a glass roof supplier.

Hangzhou Blue-sky Safety Glass export roof skylight insulated glass mainly to UK, having good reputation and developing new products together with customers. The top glass can be normal glass, color printed anti-slipping, patterned anti-slipping or easy cleaning coated, to meet different request. Glass size and shape are all bespoke.
Use Roof light, ceiling, skylight, etc.
Thickness 46mm, 62mm, etc.
Technique Tempered and insulated
Materials Automatic grade float glass
Color Transparent, low iron, color tinted, ceramic printed, patterned, etc.
Certificate CE, PAS mark, SGCC, ISO 9001
Packaging Solid wooden crate and custom design
OEM logo Available
Sample Available
Production time Generally from 20 to 30 days
Market UK, Spain, Ireland, etc.
Payment L/C, TT
Shipping Port Ningbo, Shanghai

Benefits of Glass Roof Skylight

Insulation from Heat, Cold, and Noise

The Glass roof provides superior insulation from heat, cold, and noise. With glass roof, rain doesn’t sound like a hailstorm; you get to enjoy a peaceful environment.

 decorative glass for roof
glass for roof from Chinese manufacturer

Roof Glass

 Offers Superior Transparency

Homeowners love this benefit of the glass roof. It provides a clear view and allows light to enter the property. Glass roof skylight can be used in new and old heritage projects.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Another practical benefit of glass roof skylight is increased energy efficiency. When compared to a traditional roof structure, BlueSky Glass glass roof reduces the cost of heating. Glass roof supplier says this is the number 1 reason that more and more people are choosing glass roof skylight.

Looks stylish

Sky roof gives a stylish look and feel to any structure, be it a commercial site or a patio. Glass roof skylight is used in penthouses, above swimming pools, etc. With a glass roof, you can expand the area of the house, the installation doesn’t reduce the light in the area, and the area gets sealed against wind and rain.

Safety and Quality

To ensure safety, all of the glass we supply for roof light is toughened to European Standards with a smooth Polished Finish on all of the edge work as standard.

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