Frosted glass


  • Translucent, neutral satin-finish glass: more transparent than sandblasted and figured glass.
  • Highly stain resistance, protect against fingerprint and easier to clean by using clean water only.
  • High level of light transmission: can be as high as 90% depending on the thickness of the glass.
  • Acid-etching is favored for its fine and homogenous grain.
  • Does not peel or discolor like films
  • Does not scratch off like coatings


  • Interior uses: Partitions, Shower, floor tiles, shelving, lighting, counters, and many other types of furniture (in kitchens, bathrooms, offices and so on).
  • Exterior uses: double glazing for facades, balconies, doors and more


  1. Glass frosted door no finger print
  2. Uniformly smooth silky surface
  3. Max size: 3660*2440mm

Quality standard:

With CE and ISO9001

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