Painted glass

Use of painted glass has been growing in recent years. Painted glass backsplash gives a unique look to any space, be it residential or commercial. Back painted glass backsplash is exactly what it sounds, a glass that has been painted on the backside, glass backsplash gives a solid color look to the glass instead of a translucent appearance.

Painted glass backsplash is used to add a design element to space. Back painted glass backsplash is a great option if you want to add color to your home or office. Glass backsplash is used to add a sleek and modern design to the place.

Back painted glass backsplash breaks up plain and large walls to fill up the empty spaces. Painted glass backsplash looks beautiful in the kitchen and behind LCD panel as it gives a modern twist to the house. BlueSky Glass has been in business for more than 18 years and is known for its quality products and deals with all kinds of glass needed for commercial as well as residential purposes. Our glass backsplash is durable and looks elegant.


Just like frosted glass, painted glass can be used for partition (glass for partition), on the wall, table, furniture, etc.


  • Painted glass backsplash is available in various different colors; clients can choose or customize the product.
  • Back painted glass backsplash has a special resistance to humidity making it ideal for use in high humidity rooms such as kitchen and bathroom
  • The paint is applied to the back of the glass, which protects it from damage, ensuring durability
  • The brilliance of the colors within the range is far superior to gloss paints when trying to achieve a stunning effect.


  • Glass thickness 3-12mm
  • Max size 2500*2000mm
  • Min size 200*300mm

Quality standard

In accordance with CE, AS/NZS certificate.

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